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Premier Feed Mills Co Ltd a subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc. is the leading Animal Feed Brand in Nigeria and largest producer of Aqua Feed in Sub-Sahara Africa. We are consistently supplying top quality Poultry and Aqua feed under the brand name “TOPFEEDS” to Nigerian farmers. Also, ensuring that these animals are provided with the required nutrition for healthy growth and value for investment to the farmer.

We operate a fully automated feed factory with a 300,000 ton per year animal feed mill in Ibadan, Oyo State while our Eastern Premier Feed Mills (EPFM) in Calabar has a total installed capacity of 370,000 metric tons per annum with a capability to produce and bag three different types of feeds simultaneously.

Our purchase of local maize provides employment for over 150,000 Nigerian farmers and it also has the flexibility to meet the demand for all animal feed rations. Not only does the Aqua Feed replace imports, but it also results in export opportunities to other parts of the West Africa region and provide valuable SME employment to the Nigerian fish farms that will be providing protein to the nation.


Premier Feed Mills operates in Ibadan, Calabar and Kaduna with depots in Jos and Abuja, supplying the entire Animal feed market with an advantage of being able to produce all animal husbandry nutrition.

Recently at EPFM, a new modern automated Aqua line was installed with production capacity of 4,000tons per month bringing its total aqua feed (catfish/Tilapia) to 48,000 tons per year.

Our Principles
Value Proposition

value proposition

Using modern advanced technology to achieve optimal outcomes from all raw material resulting in the best feed for livestock

value proposition

TOPFEEDS brands are available nationwide to ALL stakeholders (Distributors/farmers) at the plants, depots and VMI centers, creating brand visibility and addressing brand image of TOPFEEDS.

value proposition

Topfeeds brands are “Best in Class for Cost per Gain” we ensure pricing for the brands are competitive offerings

value proposition

It is a win-win situation, With TOPFEEDS you have early gains

Our History

Premier Feed Mills which started its operations in 1968 in Sapele, Delta state with a 5 metric tons/hour facility producing Animal feed commercially. it expanded its capacity in 1983 to 15,000 metric tons/month.

It acquired SEEPC in 2003 gaining additional 6,500 metric tons/month in Lagos and Kaduna. Operations were then reorganized and concentrated in two plants in Sapele, Delta state and Ogba Lagos making it the dominant brand in animal feeds business in the country with focus on the South West and South East.

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc acquired TOPFEEDS brand in 2008 and consequently founded Premier Feed Mills Co Ltd which is now the sole manufacturer of the leading Animal Feed brand “TOPFEEDS” in Nigeria. In 2010 Premier Feed Mills Co. Ltd. completed the building of a most modern fully automated feed factory with a capacity of 350,000 metric tons/year Animal feed factory in Ibadan, Oyo state with the aim of achieving successful coverage of the Nigerian poultry feed market.

Eastern Premier Feed Mills Co Ltd was also commissioned in 2014 with an installed capacity of 380,000 metric tons/year giving a combined production capacity of 730,000 metric tons/year. This mill has manufacturing ability to produce and bag 3 different feed types simultaneously.


To further expand its reach and make readily available good quality feed in the Northern region of the country, Premier Feed Mills Co Ltd leased a plant in Kaduna for the production of feed; confirming it at as the Undisputed No1 feed brand in Nigeria.

Premier Feed Mills Co. Ltd also commissioned its Fish feed producing plant in Ibadan in 2013 with a production capacity of 18,000 metric tons/year. This it did to support farmers achieve their desired fish size and weight by providing good quality extruded floating feed at an affordable rate. The fish feed comes in sizes of 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 9mm.

Our Products

Premier feeds (TOPFEEDS) operates three major animal feed lines and other livestock feed lines on request. These lines are as follows; Layer line, Broiler line, Aqua Line, and Concentrates. Others on request includes, cattle, pig ration Ostrich, etc.

  • Layer Line keyboard_arrow_down
    • Chick Mash
    • Grower Mash
    • Pre-Layer Mash
    • Layer Mash
    • Layer 2 Mash
    • Chick Crumb
    • Grower Crumb
    • Layer Crumb
  • Broiler Line keyboard_arrow_down
    • Super Starter Mash
    • Starter Mash
    • Finisher Mash
    • Super Starter Crumb
    • Starter Crumb
    • Finisher Crumb
  • Concentrates keyboard_arrow_down
      Concentrate 30%
    • Chick 30%
    • Grower 30%
    • Layer 30%
      Concentrate 40%
    • Chick 40%
    • Grower 40%
    • Layer 40%
    • Super Starter 40%
    • Starter 40%
    • Finisher 40%
  • Aqua Line keyboard_arrow_down
    • 2mm
    • 3mm
    • 4.5mm
    • 6mm
    • 9mm
      Omega Fish Feed
    • 6mm
    • 9mm
      Tilapia Fish Feed
    • 2mm
    • 3mm
    • 4.5mm
  • Special Feed keyboard_arrow_down
    • Breeder Feeds
    • Broiler Premium Lines
    • Swine Feeds
    • Cattle Rations
    • Horse Rations
    • Other Livestock Feeds (Large & Small Animals)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is your feed? add remove
    Please call our Ibadan and Calabar office on 09087504822 and 09084701797 respectively for information on price for TOPFEEDS range of products
  • How do I become a distributor of your product? add remove
    Please call our Ibadan and Calabar office on 09087504822 and 09084701797 respectively for link to TOPFEEDS on ground sales representatives for your location of interest
  • Where can I buy your product? add remove
    TOPFEEDS products are available at our accredited distributor outlets nationwide. Please call our Ibadan and Calabar office on 09087504822 and 09084701797 respectively for the closest distributor in your area
  • Is there a vacancy in your company? add remove
    Click here to view vacancies from the FMN group
  • Does the company offer technical services to farmers add remove
    Premier feeds mill Co Ltd offers farm Technical solutions. At Premier feed mill, we gain the trust of our customers by providing solutions to their long and short term challenges, for improved operational efficiency and profit maximization.
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